In The Mind Of Me
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2010-06-04 17:27:56 (UTC)


do u believe it. how could you. im not the one. man i
shouldnt have done that. and now i dont think i regert it. i
dont care what people say. but why do u keep my name in your
mouth like you fuckin know me. we have never had a
conversation with eachother so bitch dont act like we did.
why go runnuni your mouth to that thing. he aint shit or
nothin to me. like waht are you trying to do hurt me. ha i
bet if i stumped the shit out of you, ur the one whos going
to be in more pain than me. you just wait.
like what the hell now u callin me a hoe now. ha oka then
ima be that hoe. you to damn stupid and you know it. i have
never been a hoe a day in my life. fuck outa here with that