Life In My Words
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2010-06-04 08:03:30 (UTC)


hello, so this is my life. in my words. im gonna try to
take you through my whole summer, but by then i will
probably forget about this thing. so follow me(:

so the first week i was sick. yay. but hey, second week, i
realized i have a HUUUUGE crush on my ex-boyfriends best
friend. and since me and mr. ex just had a rough fight, i
have decided to launch myself into mr. sexybestfriend. my
plan has been devilish and successful so far. only two
problems: one, mr.sexybestfriend is a big player, and two,
he hasnt gotten over his ex-girlfriend. however, with my
level of sluttiness and sympathy, i suspect he will be over
her and onto me in about two weeks. they broke up over a
month ago, and he still has the love letter he wrote her in
his wallet. (how creepily sweet!) but the poor guy, shes
wayyy over him. so it makes it harder for him to move on.
but ove got it covered and i have no worries(:

i know what your thinking though, wow, how bitchy..yeah, i
know. but you have no idea what kind of guy mr. ex is. he
cant be girlfriendless and hes a manwhore. i cant believe i
was in love with him. ugh. such a bad decision on my part.
and our fight, oh gosh. our fight. he called me a bitch,
lesbian, and man. (even though you cant be a lesbian and a
man..) so i said some pretty nasty stuff to him, and havent
talked to him since. i have decided i hate him.

and my "best friend" and mr. ex like eachother. and she
told me this right after i told her about our big fight,
and she wonders why im mad! we originally had plans, but i
decided to ditch her for my other friends who understand me
more. i dont get why shes so confused. its like, i hate
him, and you wanna suck his face? ugh. well, if you ave
actually read this whole thing, i will let you return to
your life and i will stop babbling about my life.