Cheyenne Flint

Jumbled and Scraps of Thoughts
2010-06-03 13:22:15 (UTC)

A Simple Solution

It amazes me how easy and simple it is to make a difference
in someone day. How easy it is to stay connected in a
relationship and a marriage by simple actions.

A hug at night, a kiss in the morning, a simple see ya
later honey when walking out the door. All of these take
very little effort.

So then why do we sit back and do nothing. Why do we
intentional ignore the person we love. Is it because we
feel like crap and we want everyone to feel the same?

Then we can say to ourselves see this marriage stuff is
boring, or how about, I married her so that's all she is

Or is it in their mind that I love her and she should know
it just because I'm here, the mere fact that I'm in this
marriage is saying more than any gesture of a kiss or hug
and she better realize it.

How do I communicate that I need more than just being your
wife? How much of "i know he loves me" can I stand without
him doing the things I need to feel loved and appreciated.

He likes to blame my kids for my moods or depression, but
it's not them, it's want I don't get from him that makes me
feel like crap. Kids are Kids. They really don't deeply
affect my feelings.

It's the no hugs, the no kisses, the no saying I Love You,
the no See Ya Later honey, and the no Hey Honey when I come
home. IT SUCKS bad. When I focus on it, I get deeply
sad. So I don't.