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2010-06-02 08:48:40 (UTC)

My first encounter with Slowpoke -

It was a rainy evening. I finished my homework and rushed
out to join my friends playing.

I found them all at a corner of the lane analyzing
something; I could hear them murmuring and made my quick
moves towards them. It wasn’t that exciting to discover
them looking at snails. One of my friends picked it up and
started explaining about its structure. It was ugly and I
didn’t like snails much. So I made a yucky expression. They
all tried picking it up. But I didn’t instead I straightly
refused to touch it. How long can one stand gazing
at others having fun, it was hard for me to look at them
playing with snails, but I detested it. At last I broke my
silence and asked them to put them down and get back to
play football. At sudden they all looked at me, it was
strange because I was the only one not to join
the “explorers of lane”. I shrugged my shoulders and inched
towards them. One of them asked me to pick it up; I looked
at my friends and found all the eyes on me. There was no
other way out, so I moved towards the plants.

I was trying to anticipate the conditions for do’s and
don’ts. Soon I caught the sight of the smallest of them and
decided to pick it. I picked it up slowly, as a sequel it
snuggled in its shell. Then I placed it on the ground. My
friend brought a twig and soon the baby snail was on it,
the twig was handed over to me to have a close look at it.
It was amazingly beautiful; it was so small, soft, pink and
a harmless happy creature. They were so sensitive to any
disturbance around them. I never heard them harming anyone,
what they did was searching for the food, feasting and then
moving slowly from one place to other. Then I realized that
there wasn’t any reason with me to hate them, except of
their slurry nature, which could be overlooked because I
liked the small creature. I was a bit sorry to hate such a
unique creature of nature.

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