The Life of Black Shirt Girl
2010-06-01 09:54:53 (UTC)

Live life as we know it.

Everyone has their own stories to tell,
Everyone has their own pain,
Everyone has their own life,

So here i am,
Telling my own stories.

Right now, i'm heart broken,
Feels like something missing. I want to go out, but i'm so
lazy to get up from bed. ugh. I hate my new hair, at first i
like it but after a while, it didn't suite me. So, i hate it.
My bf mr-i-know-everything really annoys me. I already give
him everything but then he just turn me down. ugh. You gonna
regret this! I'm gonna make my self look better, and you
gonna crawl back to me, and begging to me to forgive you.
Well guess what? You're wrong. Ha!

Listening to Kelly's song, If no one will listen, really
makes me feel a whole lot better. I'm so damn bored.

I need some entertainment.

Is there any sites that i can look?
Any particular games?
Any video to watch?
Any information i need to know?

Tell me.