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2010-06-01 03:40:59 (UTC)

-iRemember ihdd likk ...

Friday : April 31, 2010
"dahh day we meet"
omqq ; walkinqq tew dahh corner store fahh mahh mama. seen Robert Garry ndd Mario ; Mario was talkinqq shit lolss so i told hymm i wanted tew fiqht hymm ; we was standinqq outside dahh store play fiqhtinqq ; on dahh walk tew mahh house he he kept tellinqq mehh he likked mehh ndd i wood bee his ; i qot ahh boyfriend i kept sayinqq ; imahh takk yhu he told mehh ; watevahh i told hymm bakk ; we qot tew mahh house mahh daddy talked tew hymm about qoinqq tew dee Marinesz ; den we walked bakk tew Robert house ; ndd he said he aint likk mehh anyway so i told hymm he made mehh cry ; so den mehh Robert Errick Lanaile ndd Kurt walked tew dee park. ndd dey left us sittinqq on dee swinqsz. ndd went tew Kurt house ndd Rob went tew meet Justin. so we started talkinqq ndd he asked mehh tew takk his number ; ndd i said no ndd den i finally qave nn ; he asked mehh tew twist hymm on dee swinqq ; i didnt kno how. den i sat under dee slide on dee lil chair thinqysz ; ndd we was textinqq each other ; even tho he was by dahh swinqqsz ndd Lanaile dem kame bakk ; so he asked for ahh kiss ndd i said yesss. ndd he kame over tew qet ihdd ndd i qave ihdd tew his ndd we juss sat dere ndd talked for hoursz ; we talked about everythinqq ; den we sat on dee junqle qym ndd juss kept talkinqq about hymm bee scared of mahh brosz ; lolss ; budd robert dem kame bakk ndd dey walked mehh home. ; i texted hymm all nite ; i had tew have hymm.
Saturday ; May 1,2010
"we went teww dee moviesz"
i started dat dey off cleaninqq dahh basement textinqq hymm ; so mahh ex thaddeus wasnt talkinqq tew mehh or watevahh ; so i asked hymm tew qo tew dee moviesz widd mehh ; ndd he said yeah ; so after i qot dun cleaninqq ; i showered ndd i went tew Janel house ; she qot ready ndd he said he had tew qet his hair cut ; so waitinqq fahh Lanaile ndd Kurt dem ; mehh ndd Janel sat at mahh house ndd talked ; den we left ndd we couldnt qet nn dahh movie so mahh mama had tew qo ; so sittinqq nn dee movie theater we juss cakked ihdd kissinqq ndd wat not after he ate nachosz ndd drank all mahh slushie ; den dat nite i texted hymm ndd said im all his ndd datsz wen we qot tewqether. FINALLY.
Wednesday ; May 12, 2010
"our first time"
well i nevahh told yhu i was raped wen i was 10 budd im not qoinqq nntew detail ; ndd i had mahh first time wen i was 11 ; no detailsz either ihdd was wack ; budd dis was dahh best time ever really one of dahh best daysz or mahh life ; ihdd was so qood ; qeZZ lolss i loved ihdd
Thursday ; May 13,2010
"our first biqq arqument"
i promised hymm i wood try tew ditch skool ndd he said i promised hymm i wood ndd we juss had ahh super biqq arqument ; ndd nuthinqq really was every dahh same.
Tuesday ; May 31, 2010
"may juss end us"
i mean wat else kan i dew i tried i really did budd sometimesz i juss cant take ihdd from hymm at all he dont even tell mehh he loved mehh no more wtf.? idkk wen i sit here ndd listen tew "LOVE LOST" tearsz qet tew fallinqq nn i qet dat funny feelinqq ; nn mahh stomach ndd mahh chest ; wow wat i dew fahh love . May 1, 2010 was dee best day of mahh life so far : June 1, 2010 juss may bee dee worst. nitey nite. diary .