Diary of an Emo
2010-05-31 16:36:44 (UTC)

Travies McCoy is the world saver?

Hey there whoever is reading this,
I just wanted to talk about Travies McCoy. I just listened to his song One at a
time and i watched the music video. And he does such great things. If
everybody in the world was like him, the world would be a lot better. He tries
to help people in poor countries (help them getting into school, get a job,
that kinds of stuff). And I think its just great to see that somebody in this
world actually tries to help the poor.

There is a big range in the world. First are the rich people (president, owners
of big companies, etc.). As second are the normal people, with regular jobs,
regular house, very normal. And at last you have the poor people, who we
almost never see. All we see are the good things around us. The mall, your
job with a big office, or you just bought the new Ipad. Those are all good

Now look at the bad things around us. People with no job, no money, they
have a bunch of kids which they can't feed. Do you ever think of them? Now
im not asking you to think negative about life, im just asking you to stop and
think about it, which is clearly what Travies McCoy did. And maybe you're
giving money to charity, which is good, but did you ever consider helping the
people yourself?

Now of course you're thinking "yeah, but for Travies its easy, he got all that
money to pay it". Well im pretty sure that we could afford it to. Im living in
India (im not indian) and here are a lot of slumps and people that need help.
My mom also goes to a little indian school twice a week to help them with
learning and plays with them. My school also organizes charity work in
slumps and schools, which does it really well.

With this vlog I just wanted you to stop and think about how happy we should
be with our lifes.