Alex Star Maryanne

My Secert Life
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2010-05-30 18:40:39 (UTC)


1(guy who wants me jelouse) -Andrew
2(guy friend likes and i hate) -Parker
3(friends) -Sarah -Pascale -Daisy
4(Ex-Bff who did something on facebook) -Aisha/Fudgey
5(KFC) -Khol
6(guy friends) -Jordan/OJ/JO/Orange juice -Sheldon -Leo -Khol/KFC -Parker
7(guy i like who always wants to hug me) -Dylan
8(Big Sister :L) -Sage
9(People i dont like) -Breanna -Bridgette -Parker -THE EVIL JAMIE
10(The devil slut) -Jamie
more later

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