Alex Star Maryanne

My Secert Life
2010-05-30 18:28:08 (UTC)

Some more Gossipe

Well hello there now guess what happening now y aa boy likes me and he
always says can i have a hug and holy crap another guy likes me and he is
trying to make me jelouse with some chick who hates me cuz she said guess
who i am dating i said who she said that dude who wants me jelouse and i said
ew and she said (stfu/shut the fuck up) i was like holy someone is cranky and
she all (fu/fuck you) i was CALM DOWN and she walked away fingering me! :o
but then i laughed cuz i always hated her HAHAHAHA well enough of the bitch
from hell lets talk boy probs ok so i am not jelouse ok i dont get jelouse only
sertant boys make me jelouse and there is only 3 guys who make me jelouse ya
guess what my EX-Bff did the worst thing she wrote on (fb/facebook)
somehting emmbaring and mean and a lie i am not saying it cuz its to
emmbaring and what else ok my EX-Bf (boyfriend) ya he hates me i told him
that i loved him take me back so i give up on him there oher fish in the sea he
should feel the same way he has another (gf/girlfriend) but i dont care i like
other people he is like the bottom of my list i wil start telling you the names
like guys who wants me jelouse ya i will tell you his name later and more
names later well my freind is coming over so i gotta go :) bye

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