Secret Life of a fourteen year old .
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2010-05-28 22:23:33 (UTC)

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Today I pased by him. He just stared But all i could
remember was what he said . About me . Behind my back. To
one of my best friends ;
He thought i didn't know . But idid , How did he expect her
not to tell me ? She tells me everything you two talk about.
Every single tiny detail about your conversations. She shows
me every text ; You lied to me & your girlfriend. You said
you were only focused on me & that you liked me. But it was
all Bullshit . I always thought you were different from the
others, but obivously i was wrong. What were you thinking
when you were telling me all this shit ? That you ca ould
play with me ? But iremember the day you left & you didn't
say a single word. Were you saying i should just accept it ?
Well i did and now i'm over it . Over your ass. You disgust
me alot ; How could you treat me like that ? Especially Your
Girlfirend . I just want to show her the real you ; The real
you . I want to tell her everything you told me while you
were with her .
I don't want her to hurt like i did & feel what i felt . And
to believe that i cried over your ass . I don't want her to
i just wish i could free her from the hurt and the pain .
But the answer is simple . Your the one to blame not me or
her ; You . But then you did the worst thing a guy could
ever do and is wonder if you did anything wrong ; Like dude
Seriously ? I dislike you with the passion of a thousand
suns . You hurt me&You think i'm not mad at you ? Really ?
Then you try to talk to me like nothing ever happend like
you didn't do shit to me ; That hurt to how
You just acted like everything fine . But no Brenden The
moment you made a mistake was the moment you told me
"goodnight ;)". Now that Wink That little wink drove me
crazy & you knew that . You just wanted to toy with me But
now your the Fucking toy . & what was all that shit
sucking your baby dick ? What did your girlfriend say no so
you decied since i liked you that i would do anything ? Were
you that stupid ? Well i guess those 7 months i spent with
you didn't teach you shit about me & how idon't do shit like
that . I'm not like those sluts you like .

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