2010-05-28 03:17:48 (UTC)

Pool party

Okay, so I have this pool party every year. I have had it since 1st grade when
came to my school. And every year I have to deal with people complaining
they wanted it at their house. It makes me so fucking mad. Anyway, this year
was the worst so far, so I was going to see my house with my cousins since
house is under construction, and my cousin Tyson and I were talking about
pool party. And she randomly said that she wanted the party tpo be at
someone else's house. So I said that it was kind of my thing that I did every

So then she gets all defensive and was like "well Meggie it's kinda a class
not just your thing. you don't have to be so possessive". And I was like
what the hell? I have done all 6 parties and soon to be 7. And then her and
Bowie started bringing up how in third grade they wanted to host the pool
party but my mom said no and they just kept harping on me. i want them to
move to California. thats where they were thinking of moving and I hope they
move there. They get so annoying sometimes.

Moral: NEVER get in a tiff with Tyson she will act like a giant and like you are
the bug. She will SQUASH you. even thought she is short. Always have her on
your side when there is a
fight. She is probably going to be a lawyer.

or a bitch.