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2010-05-27 05:31:40 (UTC)

Ex is using the kids to play mind games now

Well, I've been able to keep telling her good luck with her
new life now that she is living under the same roof as her
bf. She keeps saying that she moved there to keep me and the
older kids separate and that she and "ex boyfriend" are just
friends and sleeping in separate rooms and he isn't even
home till late.

Funny, I guess a lesser more desperate man might believe or
try to believe that but it's so absurd that I have to laugh
when she tells me that.

I've been telling her to stop texting me so we can move on.
She doesn't stop and says some daring things like she loves
me and misses me. Again, I laugh and tell her that she tells
me this as she heads home to her man. I really seriously
think she needs professional help.

So now that those words aren't working, she is bringing the
kids into it. That is just wrong. They are only 4 and 7. Ex
never let me see them or much less even talk to them on the
phone. Ex told me yesterday that the 4 yr old asked to speak
with me. Ex just does this to play with my mind but it's ok,
I know she is getting more desperate because I really do
feel a change coming inside of me.

Ex is worried cause I don't jump thru hoops for the family
anymore. Knowing this, she now brings the kids in. Too bad,
the kids are so innocent and have nothing to do with this.
They lost all contact with me and Ex never even considered
or thought about the kids will being.

Only now is Ex talking about them and only for the reason of
trying to hook me in. I miss the kids and I know without me,
their only role models will be the deadbeat 23 yr old, crazy
ex, lazy 19 yr old and Ex's bf the ex once told me he had a
demon inside of him. What can I do? I guess like in that
Amitiville horror movie, I "GET OUT!" lol.

I can't wait for this weekend. I get to hang with some new
friends this weekedn "yes, some of them are female."