2010-05-27 08:56:06 (UTC)

Various styles of Handbags

I received 79 offers from factories making designer
handbags. All were from China, except one, and made fake
high end designer handbags. Fake is not what I was looking
for. I chose an American designer who manufactures his own line.

But, what about all these fake handbags? I got these offers
in just two days. Could they be legal? The answer is yes and
no. High end designers may be granted a design patent on the
uniqueness of an article which prevents others from making
exact copies. However they are not prevented from using a
similar look or style. Fake handbags that try to take
advantage of a hot style may come close to the original
without violating the law. Fake handbags that are difficult
to tell from the original probably are violating the law.
This is predicated on a design patent being issued.

Now lets look at the trademark issue. A fake handbag that
copies a trademarked logo or pattern is in violation of the
law, even if the bag is not a copy. If you want a fake bag,
there are plenty of places to get them. If you want an
original, great, but avoid the fraudulent fakes which could
result in criminal activity.

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