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2010-05-25 17:37:50 (UTC)

Deadbeat Ex stepson

Well, I got a stupid effing text again from Ex. She is
asking me what to do with her son's car problem. I had ideas
and sent her texts but told her we needed to talk and not
this text crap!!

Texting is for short brief messaging and not for detailed
conversation. This really really pisses me off. I do have
some ideas for them to get out of a hole but ex instead said
she may sell her suv to fix her son's car.WTF is that!!!

He was probably racing and blew his engine out! Now she is
going to sell the SUV?? BTW, I paid for her SUV out of the
equity from my first home that I owned. She didn't have to
pay a dime for it. This really pisses me off.

Now the younger kids get even less and less because of this
deadbeat. She also said that her 23 yr old got his hrs cut
at work!! It's not like he had a high paying job in the
first place. He was installing auto audio!!! Hello??? Loser????

Pisses me off sooooo bad!!! So out of spite, I told her to
go ahead and sell it. She isn't going to listen to me
anyway. I told her since she is selling her SUV, I will
cancel the insurance on the SUV that I am paying for even
though I no longer need to. I was just being nice.

This means I get another 100-150 a month for me. haha...
Can't complain about that I guess.

Anyway, I stopped and realized she managed to pull me into
her mind games again! I'm so mad at myself for letting her
get to me.

So, I told her not to text or call me anymore. Except for
business or the younger kids, I said to leave me alone. I
really can't take all the bullshit that I am experiencing
with these fucking clowns!! Some people just live to be

Well, not me. I know that I have a problem with not having
sex but I had to put my foot down and politely told her to
leave me the hell alone!!!

Lets see what happens next.