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2010-05-25 22:11:19 (UTC)


Oh my god. my cousin bowie SO mean. She yells, kicks me, and spits out
insults ALL the time. I am starting to think that she has massive issues and
needs a therapist. So anyways, my encounters to day with her were not so hot
either. oh, and by the way she is two years younger than me. So first, we were
walking home from school together. Everything was
fine and her little brother, my little sister ( they are 5 and 6), and my other
cousin whois my age were walking and singing this weird song about farting
and how the mom blew up the car. idk y we sang that so don't ask me.

And anyway, I am also a bit self consious about my weight so when we were
walking home Bowie and Tyson (the cousin that is my age and NICE...
kinda) and I
were not fighting so I thought that this would be a good day. Then we got
home. Tyson and I were going down to the basement to go work out and
Bowie followed us down. We asked her to leave but she wouldn't, then she
yelled at me and said how Tyson talked behind my back and that I had
oversized boobs. She also said that people make fun of me behond my back
that I already had my period. And I know that Tyson didn't do that but what
ever. i didn't even care if Tyson said stuff about me. anyway, then I got mad
and even though Tyson and I said some things that I should maybe not
have said, we still were not even a quarter as mean as Bowie was. Then it got
worse, like a cannons firing at each other. I felt like a person on a raft in the
middle of the ocean while Pirates came and started firing cannons and
shooting at me. It SUCKED! Finially, Tyson and Bowie were just fighting it only
took about 40 seconds of "She is not fat and you are anorexic" and "She is
FAT and is a freak that can't even diss well" for me to just say " I can't take
this anymore" and run out of the room crying. Now I am starting to work out
extra than usual and eating hardly any junk. Bowie sucks. I HATE her. She is
my cousin and its not like I wish she died. But she needs to shape up. I HATE
HER!!!! she is so mean.