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2010-05-25 03:42:40 (UTC)

This Is So Stupid!

In a way I hate my life, but in another way I am grateful
I don't have it worse like other people might. I wouldn't
mind being poor and having lots of attention from my
family or being rich and not having much attention at all,
but no I'm poor and ignored usually. The only ppl that I
have to talk to are past their 20's or totally not
listening to me but overall I am so happy and grateful
that my life isn't as bad as it could be. Thank God.
Anyways our lanlord has decided to sell this house.
Typical Murphy's Law has completely fucked us. We have to
sell a car just to afford getting kicked out. Well Im
gonna go now randomly like usual cya whoever you are.

-Sarah Danielle Torres.

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