The Diary Of a 12 year old girl. This sh
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2010-05-24 05:11:19 (UTC)

First day of "Diarying"

Well this is nifty huh? And it even has spell check.
Wonderful, now I know hoe bad of a speller I am? Haha:)

Well...Im Cassie, in case you didnt know. Im 12, born on May
13, 1998. Sooo...lets talk about me:)

Welcome. To the dark side, just kidding, Im a bundle of
freakin joy.

Soooo....Whats up?

Nothing much

Thats cool

I know

Somebodys smart

That better have been sarcastic

Oh it was (not at all, you boring rock)

See! Wasnt that a fun conversation?

Sooo...I guess you want to know about me and not Santa

Well I love swim. I love to read. I love to write. And I
love almost everything except for a few exceptions.

I have minor ADHD, and guess what? Im gonna create a list of
all the phobias I have. Ill let you read it, ONLY YOU, DONT
TELL ANYONE ELSE. I also have a habit of biting my nails, so
does half the world.

I like to write songs and stories.

My friends are all jerks, but their popular so I have to
stay with them until 7th grade when I can finally have
bigger variety of friends.

I love you.

Hahha, anything else you want to know? Just say so!

Cassie 3