Crazy Life of a Girl
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2010-05-24 01:52:10 (UTC)

I Found This

I found this in a diary called "The Lifes and Times of
Me." If it you ask me its a pretty good poem. This is how

She sleeps
She cry’s
She lies
She dies
Slowly slowly slowly
Until the morning light appears
When it awakens her
She remembers the previous years
Painfully, painfully, painfully
The love she lost
The hearts she gained
She will never be lonely again
Lonely, lonely, lonely

The one she loves
The one she hates
The fine line that is between
Linking, linking, linking
Those who love her
Those who don’t
Always by her side
Never faulting
Never failing
Forever there
Always, always, always

In her eyes
And in yours
She sees the love you hold
Just you and her
Never leaving each others lives
Side by side, side by side, side by side
Never ever leaving
She is yours
You are hers
Eternally, eternally, eternally

She feels more love
Then ever before
You love her absolutely
She feels so close
Even though the distance is far
Closer, closer, closer
Rest assured
You will never be forgotten
For she loves you
With all her heart
Only you, only you, only you

I find this pretty inspiring! It is pure genuis! Great job!

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