2010-05-22 22:25:45 (UTC)

MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chapter 1: one morrning i woke up for the first day of
school.i was nervouse, but at the same time i iwas
walking through the door i saw him the most cutiest guy
that barly ever notices me!!!!right then and there i knew
it was gonna be a great school is gonna end and i
wont see him for two months we call eachother cousins just
because its fun!!!!!!!!!people think imk wierd but i dont
becuase is it for GIRL a CRIME for LIKING a guy?????????

Right when i was about to give up on him GOD heard my
prayers and ...............he made him hug me for no
reason!!!!!!!!!!!that was the most outrages thing he ever
did although i still keep my feelings inside i no some day
he find out but i hope on that day he wont rmber me.

a couple days after that my mom appeared i missed her so
much that i cryed for an hour.see my mom used to have some
problems....but then she went to where her friend lives
wich is in VISAILIA i dont know where that is exacly. so ya
thats all i have to say and if u have any questions on that
then u can ask me at [email protected] well see ya
next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!