Experienced Life
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2010-05-22 07:02:50 (UTC)

Getting friendly with someone

I have a friend. Nothing ever happened but we've been
talking for awhile now. She is a Dr. in Psychology. A funny
thought came upon me.

I now have a psych and a psycho in my life. haha....

I think she likes me but I couldn't go that path because
unlike some people, I still felt funny about not being
divorced and having some other women laying next to me. I
know ex didn't play by the rules but two wrongs does not
make a right. So, I stayed true even though I need sex so

You don't know how hard that is for a man. When I say hard,
that applies in multiple ways. haha.

I guess I'm now morally correct to start seeing other people
if I wanted to. We'll see about that. I won't go from one
fire and go right back into another.

I need to see myself for what I am again. Not trying to be
delusional or full of myself but I need to recall and access
myself for what I am. I forgot during my turmoil with ex.

I am a nice, caring, confident man. I forgot!!!!!OMG!!! I
have a great job! The economy hit all of us and we all took
a cut in pay but I still make 75K plus overtime a year. I
can always provide "happy endings" in bed so I know that I'm
ok in that dept. I have lots of friends that trust me and
I'm not ugly. I know I can provide stability emotionally and
financially in someone's life if I ever found that special
someone. Life isn't all that bad...I just had to wipe all
that other crap outta my life to see this. aahhhhh.

Life is sweet. And hey, I'm still saviing on toilet paper
usage. I just got my PG&E bill and this was the lowest gas
bill I ever had in years!!!haha... I also manged to save
over a grand this month. I should be able to save at least
this much next month.

I know that without me, ex is having a hard time financially
and helping with the kids must be a challenge. haha.. Her BF
wants to be the man of the house?? I say have at it. Be the
Dad. haha. Oh man, life can be sweet.

Oh yeah, I'm in a little social group thing. Guess what? the
Dr lady will be there. Poor me :)