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2010-05-22 06:39:57 (UTC)

Ex talked about her older deadbeat son

Ex called to talk about her 23 yr old son. He is such a
deadbeat loser!!! I am so glad I don't have to deal with him

He was suppose to talk to his Mom about his financial
issues. He filed for Ch7 about a year ago. He already is in
financial trouble again. He lived over at my place for a
little while. He said it would only be for 3 weeks because
the apt he and his gf was at was too dangerous to live in.
Car got broken into and gf got robbed at gunpoint. I didn't
buy it but I let him back in like a dumb ass I am.

He never left after that until Ex ransacked the house and
they all left. Anyway, I've been checking his calls and
mail. He owes over 2K for rent at his former apt, 500
hundred in electricity, and his bank called saying he has
overdraft fees for three checks already. This means he lied(
like Mother like Son) about the crime at the apt and it was
just the pressure of the apt managers asking for his rent.

While he was here, Ex co-signed for his newer car. I came
home and was pissed because I knew he wouldn't be able to
keep up with the payments. Then about a month and a half
ago, he again came home bringing in a motorcycle. He can't
pay his rent but he buys a bike!!! Again, I was pissed
because I knew he was getting more and more in debt. He just
filed Ch7 a year ago?? WTF?! He didn't learn a thing. I told
ex at that time that she dug a financial hole for her 23 yr
old son by co-signing for the car. All that the 23 yr old is
doing is taking money away from the 4 and 7 yr old kids. I
projected he will miss 2 or 3 car payments in a year.

The two younger kids are the ones that suppose to get all
they can. Instead, it's going to the 23 yr old. That was a
big part of why Ex split to her "friend's" ex bf or current
bf house. Whatever.(She still says she loves and misses me.
I respond by saying "yes, and you say this while you are
under your bf's roof?". Fucking morally priceless is all I
can say.

Ex and I were suppose to talk or meet.We were suppose to
meet to take care of some loose ends. I want to sell some
stuff that they left and need her to agree so that I can
give her 1/2 of it just to be fair. I didn't want her to
think I ripped her off or anything so I wanted her to be ok
with the price I was selling these things for or she can try
to sell it herself for more is she wanted to.

Instead, I hear that the 23 yr old son's car broke down and
she has to bail him out of it again. Her loser son just
keeps on ticking with his loser ways.

I had a buyer for the lights and today was the buyer's
deadline. I missed it so now I don't have a buyer. Fuck!!!!!

That entire family (except for the 2 younger kids) are a
fucking waste of life. Just losers to society and no
positive impact on this world. All they do is take and cause
problems. I am so glad I'm out of that loop.

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