2010-05-22 13:04:39 (UTC)


i hate! i hate! i hate school! today on a Saturday i try
going to school for my referral and not for a good one but
guess what no one was found to be there why because they are
butt holes who think that every one will be there at 8
aclock not 8:6 AM but what ever all i know is that me and
this kid which by the way never told me his name were
looking for 10 whole minutes and and found know one and of
coures out of all the stupid days to be sick i was sick
today so the inter time i sounded like a moron talking
the rest of the week went well but i could of dne with out
the drama from rose you know with her yelling at me but of
course i should have already know that im no longer ever her
sis or best friend in fact she and every one else seclude me
as always because im a boring evil jerk that cant do shit i
cant even keep the people closest to me close to me how sad
is that iv never felt so darn pathetic in my entire life
well in the moment it feels that way.jeez i wish i could be
a good friend i wish i meant something i wish i was the star
the good person the main character of my own lf but nope in
this story im like the guy that i cant remember his name
that is Sherlock Holmes side kick that mostly right about
how Sherlock is the main character of his life and story and
to be honest i never though i would stay this way for a my
whole life? but maybe i did know like i did in the 3rd 4rth
5th 6th 7th grade but never wanted to admit to it or even
believe that it was all true. right now no one out can
possibly know my pain or my real thoughts right now if only
you knew dreamer if only. ):

p.s. dreamer i cant show all my thoughts right now but one
day i promise before i die ill tell you everything thats
going on i wish i could now im sorry dreamer and i love you
i hope you will have good dreams tonight even if i know i
wont sweet to my children that i hope to have in the future
Luna and Jace and the mystery child i also hope the future
for with all my heart. 5/22/2010

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