this is the way my life goes
2010-05-22 03:18:36 (UTC)

Life decisions

I have to make a decision that will affect the rest of my high school career
and I think I know wut it is I'm just gunna get through the next week and I
won't have to be with them . Here's the master plan I'm gunna not talk 2
all of my former friends all summer because honestly I don't think they
Like me in general. They have all changed they just think they are the
best so I think I just won't deal with their crap and I'm not gunna eat lunch
for the next week and just work in the library. I don't think I can stand it a
anymore it was really nice when we were all on thedame time but that
was before my
two homies started to get super close and talk crap about me at my house
I don't care anymore