Summer 2010
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2010-05-22 02:59:26 (UTC)

Friday, the last day of eighth grade!

May 21, 2010 (9:36 PM)

Okay, so today was my las day at middle school. It's okay
cause i didn't really like the school anyway, except i
cried lke a bagillion times! I am going to miss all my
seventh grade friends, cause i won't see them until i am
in tenth grade. :( Well anyway i have come to the
conclusion that this summer is going to be kick butt! I am
going to write everyday until i begin ninth grade, and
then some! I am super excited to start ninth grade but
last night i had a nightmare that i died on my first day
of highschool, how's that for a first day back? lol. I
wish i had my phone already but mom says it'll probably my
birthday before i get one. It's so close, yet so far away.
But for the time being i am trying to focus on being a
nicer person. Lots of people say i am already really nice,
but i need to really be nicer with meeting everybody new
next year...I am super excited for meeting new friends
(and guys!) Anyway, back to this summers' plans. We have
tons to do!!! We have three church camps, birthday parties
out the wazoo, a dog to take care of (a 5 month old lab is
like babysitting a 2 year old!), dance, traveling to Mt.
Rushmore, lazy pool days, dog-sitting, going to Texas,
etc. The list goes on forever! But i am most excited about
turning fourteen and learning how to drive! My mom says on
my birthday we are going to learn! I REALLY REALLY REALLY
want to get my phone though. I have been waiting for like
2 years for one! I am so excited because i will have one
for the summer too. Okay, so this kid i know was supposed
to ask me out today and on a scale of one to ten, i like
him like a 6 and a half. This one kid though, i like a
ton! He is so amazing, and cute! I think he likes me and i
made him a picture today of us holding hands (i wonder if
he liked it??) He was supposed to draw me one but i didn't
see him after seventh hour. I was just thinking, i am only
writing in a diary to see how much i change over the
summer...anyway i am not going to stay up late typing in
my diary and screw myslef over like last summer. I think i
am going to get on a sleep schedule or something because i
am not going to be tired all summer long, summer is too
cool to be tired all the time. I am also looking forward
to going to camp (how am i going to write while i am at
camp??!!!?) i will be going with church and staying for a
whole week in July. I will even miss the Justin Beiber
concert (he's so sexy) because his concert here is on my
birthday and my birthday is the week i am gone to camp. I
wanna have a birthday party but i dunno what nanny and
papa will say. (i live with my grandparents by the way) I
am so upset cause my eighth grade year sucked! Seventh
grade was my year, cause i was SO popular and then Bam! i
am pretty unpopular this year. I am uber jelous because
everyone got invited to all these end of the year/
birhtday parties. I didn't even get invited to one. Except
Katrina's and i doubt nanny and papa will let me go cause
it's a boy/girl pary . But what nanny and papa don't know
won't hurt them right? Oh jeez i am already digging myself
a hole. They would never let me go! Maybe i can hitch a
ride with Bri or something. I also wanna focus on getting
tan this summer. I am going to use that Bannana Boat stuff
that you put on when you're inthe sun and it makes you all
tan, cause i am so white, its hilarious. I never, ever get
tan! and i hate it! i hope i can hang out with people over
th summer. I think when i get my phone, everything will be
better. I can text my franns and all that. I am counting
down the days till i get my phone!!! And shortly before or
after that, i will turn fourteen. HAHA this summer is
going to rock, and i just need to keep telling myslef
that! This summer is gonna rock, this summer is gonna
rock, this summer is gonna rock!!!!!! Booooyahhhh!