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2010-05-21 13:10:35 (UTC)


omqq ; wat is love really ; i have no clue i dun had so many different lovesz nn mahh life ; wat is dahh true meaninqq of love ; wat does ihdd fell likk ; i kno i love Mario ; budd somrthinqq juss aint rite i have tew end ihdd ; because imahh end up hurtinqq sooooo much. he say he qivinqq his all budd his all anit enouqh ; all he think about is sex he wanted mehh at his house dis morn ndd i told hymm we'll see ; ndd he broke up widd mehh ; wtf.? ; den he claim he was juss playinqq ; awhh fahhreal nobody playsz likk dat ; i dont likk his attitude problem ; his temper is not watsz hot ; budd i try nn deal widd ihdd ; i really try ; ndd he qet mad at mehh ovahh dumb shit ; i dont feel likk he qivinqq his all no more ndd we qone talk about dis lattahh. i quess he juss seem likk he irritated by mehh all dahh time ; if yhu is den leave please ; im nn first period watchinqq dis movie outbreak ; ihddsz kcrzii lolss budd i dont even feel qood sooo imahh qo toodlesz.