taking heed

slightly exaggerated
2010-05-20 19:14:21 (UTC)

Answers to questions: Is there a muti-vitamin for that?

So, last Friday I finally found out my "type" (barring any
unlikely occurences in a now underway, re-conformational
genetic test - they are quite thourogh at the London
Health Sciences Centre), the much maligned and rather rare
CMT 1B or Dejerinne Sottas. Are there any other MPZ
deficient homies in the house?!?

It is so relieving, almost calming, to know with exact
certainty what it is that makes my legs and arms shrink,
my gait to be wider than most residents of Mississippi,
and every other peice of shit characteristic in between.
The absence of one teeny weeny protien containeded within
myelin. A protien so insignificant that it was
termed "zero", but, nonetheless, a protien responsible for
creating a tight bond or covering of the axon by the
sheathing. Myelin Protien Zero, you bastard.

Also interesting, is that this protien deficiency was not
inherited from the folks, but rather born out of a
mutation in my genetic code (and not because my parent's
had sex the wrong way, Tyler Childerhose).

But the creme de la creme as far as information delivery
was concerned was when Dr. Hahn informed me that a friend
of hers, who also happens to be a leading CMT researcher
specialized in MPZ research, located in Detroit (i.e. the
city that can be seen out the window), may be interested
in my services, as, for lack of a better term, a guinea
pig. Said researcher was recently on the recieving end of
a $5 million federal grant, and, in light of recent
devdelopments, I, The D, am apparently an ideal candidate!

It was around this time when this particular Friday
flavour punched me right in the effin' mouth! There is
almost nothing I'd rather do than donate my body to
science, especially when that science could lead to a
world of richer protien zero tomorrows.

Fuckin' sumbit!

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