My Crazy Life According To Me
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2010-05-19 23:27:05 (UTC)

I was told to write

I was told by my therapist that I should write in a diary.
Whether it be online or in a book didn't matter any. I
started going to a therapist because I tried sucide last
Decemeber. I like my therapist but he thinks I am going to
be offended easily. I guess he gets people that easily
do. But I am not normally like that. Everytime I talk to
him, it gets deeper into the problems. And that always
makes me cry. I am honest and open with him, but it still
Then my med therapist has me on my prozac type pills ...
for now. Everytime I see him, he seems to want me to try
something else or bump up the meds or something. That can
get annoying.
I can't believe how old my kids are getting. They are only
2 & 3, but they are so incredibly smart. And omg my little
girl (the 2 yr old) has such attitude already. Lol. But
she's a red head so that's a given.
I also can't believe that Derek and I have been married for
10 years this year. And that I will be 30 this year as
well. I never thought I'd live past 20. But somehow I
did. So far.
We got a ps3 a couple of days ago. I LOVE it. I love
Final Fantasy 13. I love all of those though. I want to
try Heavy Rain. I think we are going to rent it today. Or
so I think so at least.
My cat Chrissy is like 12 years old now. She's an old
kitty and I hope I still have many more years with her. If
I lose her, I am going to lose a part of my heart with
her. Its so hard loosing a pet. Derek's cat, Little One,
is about 8 or 9, so she's getting there as well. Both are
very loving cats. Chrissy loves kids and puts up with so
much. Never has she ever scratched them or even hissed at
Ummmmm . . . I think that's it for now. Bye.

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