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2010-05-19 10:40:54 (UTC)

Black rock and newi drama

we went to see the play Black rock at the Newcasstle
entertainment centre the play was really strong and I felt
that the acting was realalistic and and it really provoced
my thinking to some of the issues provoced and raised in the
play when the play started I was expeting it to consist of
the one seine this was because of the sand the ande the fact
that the whole thing was done on sand I thought that this
was a good way of doing the play but when i settled into the
rythem of the play the I found the play quite good but and
the same time the there may have been to many many entrys
and it was slightly detracting from form the performance
because i found mylesf wondering where the acters where
going to come out but the performances were storng and veary
etertaining and thought provocing

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