Confessions of a married woman
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2010-05-18 17:33:51 (UTC)


Wow I feel like it's been a while since I've written on
here. I've been terribly busy with work especially.

Life has been pretty much the same, hanging out with
my "soon to be ex husband", he is still living a double
life and I'm starting to get fed up with it. Seriously.

I went on a diet for about 7 days and I lost like 5 lbs
which is super awesome. I am down a total of 57 lbs and I
hope to loose 40 more I hope it is possible but it seems
like I keep hitting this pleatu and it is annoying me. I
guess I have to work out extra harder and eat a more
healthy diet.

I hadn't been to the doctor since getting our physicals
this one time that my husband and I were going to move
over seas for 2 years (to Canada). We had to get
physicals and I had been diagnoised with diabetis type II
I drank meds for about a month then I kicked them to the
curve, fuck them. A few months later, what's his face
dropped me for another bitch and I decided that it was
time for me to change my life, physically, intellectually
and everything else. I have never ever been thin my
entire life and I learned to accept that, but I didn't
want to be THAT heavy. I decided to look into the lap-
band surgery and well I did. I figured it was a good
change with all the changes that have been going on in my
life anyway. My insurance ended up covering my surgery
and it hasn't been easy at all! I have learned to eat all
over and I'm still discovering stuff I can and cannot eat,
had I eaten the way I do without the band I'd be in good
shape. I miss hamburgers and tacos soooo much, but hey I
learned to accept it and I'm happy :) I mean I'm down 57
lbs! Not only that but I finally went to the doctor about
a month ago for a complete physical, got blood work done
and everything came out PERFECT! can you believe
it?!??!?! My diabetis is gone! Gone baby gone! i couldnt
believe it to be honest. I thought my sugar level would
be slighly high and it was completely normal! I am so

So about a week ago I got this message from this guy on a
dating site, and he seemed really cool, down-to-earth, and
he is kinda cute. I responded to him and we have been
emailing back and fourth. He asked me for my number and I
gave it to him we texed all day yesterday, he is so
intersting and fun we texted about everything! School,
relationships, sex, cars, it was intersting. He is very
respectful and seems like a gentleman. I hope he likes my
style because I like his :).

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