2010-05-18 15:02:07 (UTC)

I wish i could say.........

I don't know how to say it with him but its been a long time
since i thought of telling him what i feel for him, yet i do
not have that guts because i am afraid of rejections. Many of
my friends advises me that we are already in the new
millennium and no more MARIA CLARA day, hence i am still
afraid even him knows what i truly feel about him. Some say's
that as early as possible i should let him no because we
didn't know what lies ahead of us. Maybe if i am ready to
tell him and reveal my feelings for him, he's no longer
there. But how, i'm too afraid because what if our FRIENDSHIP
will be affected? HOW HOW HOW??????
We'll i still never loose hope i know God will really
interfere in us and he will be our cupids and one day
everything will fall into places with an everlasting ending