Cheyenne Flint

Jumbled and Scraps of Thoughts
2010-05-17 20:11:36 (UTC)


Hot Green Tea on the deck, sweet short 8 minute meditation,
and 30 minute stretch workout. Sundays. Sweet.

Needless to say people tried to break my peace this
weekend, but I experienced the feelings and then dismissed
them and the feelings.

This is my first week of increasing my run portion of my
workout by 1 was tough, but I pushed through
it. Challenging myself like this is something my mind and
body needs so much right now. I keep getting closer and
closer to my 150lb goal by 10/22/2010. Goals.

Although today is gloomy outside my spirit is experiencing
sunshine. Thank you God.

You can mend a broken heart, but you will always see the
cracks, but then again the cracks will let in the light.