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2010-05-16 15:07:36 (UTC)

Birthday party!!!

I went to my close friend's birthday party. Man, it was
great!!! People there I don't even recall remember my name.
These guys are cool. They are nice and treat you like a true
friend without wanting anything from you but just your
friendship. I'm thinking about moving to that area just to
be close to my friends again. I originally moved away from
there because I wanted the kids to be in a good school
system so I moved from my friends to the rich and snobby.
However, I don't think I need to be here anymore so maybe
I'll move back near my friends.

A bunch of them have Harleys and keep inviting me to ride
with them. Told them I have a Honda cruiser but they don't
mind. So, it will be one Honda Cruiser riding with a dozen
Harleys. That should make for an interesting group ride.

One sad thing my birthday friend told me, he too is having
issues with his wife. They had a big ass fight and he moved
from his house and is renting a room with someone else.

He is a very cool guy though so he has many friends to get
him through this. Not sure if it's something they will
resolve or if it's over. I'm there for him if he ever needs
me for anything.

Overall, last night was fantastic!!! Beer, food, a live
band, women!!! What more could a guy ask for?? haha...

Got to talk to a cutie last night too. Nothing is going to
happen. It's just nice speaking to someone that doesn't have
an agenda of trying to screw you over or play mind games
with you. Just that in itself is priceless.

Today I'm recouping from partying. I feel ok but I'm sure
not going out for a 6 mile bike ride of go jogging or
anything. Screw that.

Maybe I need a fuck buddy or something cause I hate waking up
wanting to have sex. Now that shit is in my head all day.
Not like it's not anyway but now I know that I'm wanting it all
day. haha..