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2010-05-16 16:29:03 (UTC)

Time to worship......praise.....reflect........and give thanks

Today is my time to worship, praise, reflect and give thanks
to my Lord God for a week of abundant grace, guidance,
comfort, and protection. For his unconditional love in which
he never failed to give to me, though i know sometimes i
still committed sins, tend to forget him, for i sometimes
believe i am not worthy to received his love. But my God
never asked for anything in return as long as you continue
to believe and have faith in him and asked forgiveness he
will continue to love and never leave you alone.
A while ago the topic of the Sunday Sermon is about giving
whom this is a very inspiring message in which i am
enlightened about the idea of giving by which we should not
hoarding whatever possession we have but instead give what
is worth it for our Lord for everything we have, came from
him in which he has the right to take it away from us.
After the service i had my WLI classes as well in which we
tackled humility. I could say i was truly blessed today by
the wonderful teachings in which i hope i was able to apply
in my everyday life.
But what inspires me more today is to see my SPECIAL SOMEONE
and was able to give him my gift and i wasn't expected that
he really appreciate it though i just spoken to him for a
few minutes but to me it seems its more than 24 hrs, just
hearing him speak its like a music to my ears. Though its
been 2 weeks i haven't seen him yet for me that was a
decade. Thank you for truly inspiring me though i know you
don't know, but in your own little way you did. I wish i
could have that guts to tell you how much you mean to me not
just a simple friendship but deeper than that. Hope to see
you always and even spend more time with you.
Looking forward for a better and enjoyable week......

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