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2010-05-16 06:51:17 (UTC)

been a real hard week

wel i guess i puked from everwhere excuase the facts but
so many side effects
i really dont think i am strong enougth to take all this
crap they are fire at me
and the medication is as bad
friday they said there are good signs and positives counts
time wil tell
well its sat night
beena long day we rode to the mountain and teh lakes
was fab
but by the time we got to outr picnic i was total
sat there an was sat behind me as we eat and looked at the
earl carried me the last high spot so i could see it
it was fab and i got to say hey ann i loved him first you
won him but who is he carry now hahaha
is good we are all such good friends
wel we are still at the start so god only knows if i will
make it
if you asked me now i would say u wont take the bet
god please let be be over fast what ever the outcome
i dont need this or want it limbo

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