Out of Control
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2010-05-16 03:00:24 (UTC)

Famous ..

So , im having a really hard time grasping something .
People who are rich and famous . i mean i dont know if
they do or dont have a good life , but HELLO .
Example - Nina Dobrev , from vampire diaries . great
actress , yeah , and shes pretty .. but like why does the
fact that she has acting ability give her the whole
idealic tons of money . sitting on beaches and doing
yoga . i dont understand bit , what makes her so
different ?
I will tell you one thing . I WILL make it . i will make
lots of money and relax too . i will party and have fun ..
oh it will happen . okay , so yeah .
I think i want to be a writer . or well , I KNOW , i want
to be a writer . i love writing , its my emotional
outlet . so thats whhat im going to doo . but will that
make me rich ? will that get me friends ? i also wanted to
be a lawyer , but i dont know . thats kinda stuffy ,
although at the same time , ive always wanted to do that .
i will party and make cool friends in my own time . i will
do yoga on the beach and wake up to the caribeann . and
the only way that will ever work is if i believe it . so i
must .