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2010-05-15 17:25:18 (UTC)

Saturday......A FULL DAY of WORK

Before this day came, i told to myself i will not allow this
day to spend my whole time at work, but it didn't happen,
because there are so many things to do and i can't afford to
leave like that thinking that my colleague who is supposed to
be until 1pm only but stay back till 6pm with me. But any how
that is really our normal life in reservations, even though
we are trying our best to go home exact time but it didn't
happen. Though my life right now really evolves at work, home
and church, i could say i am satisfied, though there where
times that i really want to take a long vacation but cannot.
Well i am just so much thankful to my lord that i have stable
job compare to others that until now cannot find a work.

Well so much for my work......just to let you know finally my
cousin came back here in Singapore after a month of waiting
in the Philippines for his work permit application to be
approved. I really missed him a lot, he is my cousin from
father side and we are really so closed to each other, i
could say i am a spoiled cousin to him, whatever i say and
want he give. I am so happy because our wishes to be together
here in Singapore to work came true of course this is with
God's grace and guidance. I really thank our Lord God because
he never failed to listen and answers to my prayers.

Tomorrow is his day for me to praise and rejoice that he is
my GOD the father whom who are always there for me and
tomorrow is the day whom i could see him again, my special
someone.....See you tomorrow MR SOMEONE [",]