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2010-05-14 17:29:13 (UTC)

Going 2 years here in Singapore.....Never IMAGINED

Days really flew so fast, so many things happened in my life
while I’m still here in Singapore and I couldn’t imagined
that I will last for almost 2 years here. So far I had a
stable work already. Currently I am working at Novotel
Clarke Quay as reservations agent, I started there last
October 2009, in which with God’s grace I resigned in my
previous job due to misunderstanding with my manager and I
can no longer take the pressure working with her. That’s why
with closed eyes I resigned and prepared myself whatever
happened to me, even if I can’t find a job I will still go
back to the Philippines. But God never allowed that to
happened, after less than a week my pass had been cancel,
this jobs came and now here I am, though a lot of pressure
at work but I am a bit contented with what I have right now
because I should be so thankful that I have worked compare
to others that it really takes sometimes before they could
finally get a job. Though a lot of struggles that I have
experience while looking for a stable job, this had been
paid off when I got this job.
I was able to fulfill my wishes to bring my mom here in
Singapore and I did together with my niece, they celebrated
holiday season and spend almost 2 months here. I was able to
helped my cousin while he was here looking for a job, though
he went back to the Philippines hence he was able to find a
job, yet just need to go back while they the company are
processing his permit.
At first I thought all my dreams will fade away like that
and I will go back to the my hometown failed, but GOD is so
good he paid off my struggles and give me a stable job. Now
I am starting to pay my debts and be able to send enough
money to support my family. Because of my continuous faith
with the Lord, he never leave me hanging, he taught me how
to be patience in answering my prayers to him.
I am now on my 7 month here in the company, though so many
struggles still I am facing with my job yet I am so strong
to face all of this with God's help and continuous
So much for many experiences I wanted to share
with you my diary.