Cheyenne Flint

Jumbled and Scraps of Thoughts
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2010-05-14 13:26:16 (UTC)


What will Friday bring me, Joy, Happiness, Pain, Sorrow?
It really doesn't matter now. I will experience the
moments each and everyone and accept them for what they are.

My daughter actually said words to me yesterday. "Sorry I
was trying out for captain" I asked her who else and she
told me. I asked about Tia and she told me what Tia was
doing. I'm satisfied with her exchanging words with me and
not with an attitude. At least.

My husband came out of his "moment". Sometime yesterday
and talk to me on the phone, went out with a couple friends
and was normal again. He stated again that he was tired of
being overweight and now his friends are smaller than him
too. I'm satisfied with the moments we shared talking.

Learning to experience everything instead of resisting the
bad things or the distrubing things and accepting them for
what they are, "Moments" is starting to affect me.

I free better that I let go. I feel calm now that I just
let what is be what it is. Not trying to control the
situation but accepting it and allowing myself to
experience it and then move to the next moment free.

I am learning about practicing contentment instead of

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