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2010-05-14 03:34:37 (UTC)

How my day went

I couldn't find my bike keys!!! I looked all around and
can't find it. Dang it!!!!!!!!!!! Where the heck is it?

Anyway, work was crazy. There are deadlines to meet and no
matter how we let others know about deadlines, they don't do
squat until it's nearly time to do it. Then they throw a fit
when we can't get to them right away! Stupid fucking
idiots!!! No wonder our State is in a fucking mess!
Whatever. I can't get too involved because I can't handle
too much because my personal life is pretty much upside down
right now.

I went to a wine tasting after work. That was nice. Seems
like there ia a cliche there now. I did see some friends and
chatted a bit. Small talk about the economy. Everyone seems
to be in financial trouble. I guess I have some good things
going on for me and I should count my blessings.

I still can't figure out where my bike keys are at. I want
to ride!!!!

I went to bed early for once. Bad thing is now I'm up early
with too much time to think.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. My friends are coming
over this Friday to take down the custom lighting I put up
in the house and put back the generic brass crappy looking
lights. I may as well try to sell it before I lose the house.

Then this Saturday, I was going to attend a single parents
outing but I don't know if I should attend anymore. It
doesn't look like I will be seeing much of the kids ever
again. I'm not going to fight it with stbx. Too tired and
I'm not the bio-dad even though I signed the birth cert for
one of them (didn't know at the time).

Saturday afternoon, I'm going to attend one of my best
friend's birthday party. I think I'll get him a really good
rod and reel. He rides a Harley so I think I'm getting him a
collapsible rod so he can take it on those long bike rides
to Reno or wherever Sturges is.

I should visit him more often. I should visit all my close
friends more. I want the old me back. Sure is better than
feeling down all by myself at home. The clean house is not
enough for me anymore. I need some human intervention,
conversation, communication.. whatever. I just want to laugh
and smile again.

It's 4:30 in the morning and I'm off today. I guess I may as
well get off my ass and look for my bike keys.

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