Cheyenne Flint

Jumbled and Scraps of Thoughts
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2010-05-13 13:33:13 (UTC)

Something Close to Peace

I woke up this morning and realized that my passivity has
taken the joy out of almost everything in my life.

It was better on the drugs,yes I was indifferent. But now
I am experiencing the same indifference from burnout, yes
parenting burnout. Moving daily through stages of worry,
fear, and anger. But my attachment to my family, my kids,
is so visceral that detaching almost seems like dying or
mourning the death of them.

Today I am learning to accept reality as it presents itself
and trying to align what I do with what I think is the
right thing to do and then surrender the rest.

I'm learning how to deal with loss. I'm just looking for
something close to peace right now.

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