Dylan's book
2010-05-13 06:53:33 (UTC)

school (importnat parts)

the lesson was a theiroy lesson baced around the data cycle
this cycle contains five main parts identiffing the problem
consolting members implmenting and testing and feedback
2 Engsh
I spent today's lesson working on my assment that is due
next Thursday. Wags is happy with the quillty of work that I
am giving him and I have about another half a page to write
then I am done
3 Maths
In Maths we are working on equations using substurion I got
the exersise done in class today and both my teacher and
myself are happy with the quillty of my work
Moden History
we had a sub teacher to day for moden history and we wached
shinder's list It did not take me long to see why we had to
get the violant movie note signed