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2010-05-13 05:24:19 (UTC)

Things taking shape

Its been around 3 months now I have joined the new company
and shifted in the new city, things are slowly taking
shape, I had a feeling( which was made to feel by my
immediate superior)that I am no good for the job but I
believed that I was not good at everything in the office
but yes a majority of them were comin at ease to me, but my
superior who considers himself the best was nagging and
eyeing on things that I was doing wrong, Thats where the
problem is people tend to focus on things which are not so
good with others and spend their valuable time on
it...alternatively if the time was devoted in assessing my
strengths and optimizing it it would have given better
dividends to the organization
My Big Boss who ois stationed at Switzerland is a much more
proffessional and quality leader, he is absolutely
comfortable with me and is the one who supports my
endeavors Thanks BZ for ur support

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