Out of Control
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2010-05-12 21:18:47 (UTC)

kill me now , please , science :(

EOG's . end of grade testing . i have one tomorrow .
dear old amanda has to get up at like early and get
dressed and go to schoooool ! x.x
it sucks . but whatever . itll be okay i guess . im
nervouse like shit . you couldnt even imagime . im like
flipping a shit .
Ill take TWO prozac . yerp im a daredevil .
well , i can take it , i was just supposed to wait after i
took 1 for a while . oh well , maybe itll make me feel
better and less anxious . I alsooo have to take a practice
test . like right now .
so toodles .
wow , my life must be getting better , because i have less
to complain about ! (;