the wonderful world of ikys
2010-05-12 13:36:37 (UTC)

Friends, how many of us have them?

The past few days have been very interesting. I look at the
bigger picture, I look at things for what they are and not
what I want them to be. When you sit back and watch
around you, you will see things that were not apparent to
you before. I am weird as hell because many do not
understand why I am the way Iam and only I am my only
friend. I understand me, that is why I am so narcissistic. I
do things better by myself versus people being around me,
they are such distractions. One of my friends out of two,
shellonda, she is something else. I watch people close as
hell, even though my actions seem naive..lol. I became
suspicious of shellonda because she would make
statements such as "every guy I like, like you," what is so
funny as that she is 21 and married. She has a jealous
spirit and it shows everyday, she is not happy in her
marriage. Last semester me and her got cool because we
were hanging around the same people, but broke away
from them. One of the people told me that shellonda run her
mouth too much, seems like that person is right. Her ugly
head started to rear itself this semester because her name
is in alot of shit now. I should have known because she
would tell me what someone said abt me, she egg shit on
and laugh. Feeding into drama is so fucking stupid to me.
Some drama has popped off at school and because I am
cool wit her my fucking name was in it, i talked to each
person on my own because i had nothing to do with it,
come to find out shellonda and aisha are the main ones that
are in it and made shit escalate.

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