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2010-05-12 05:04:15 (UTC)

Eager Beaver

On Friday, the Ms. and I were all set to go out and have a
nice Tapas, post-dinner, birthday celebration with
some "friends" at this place that didn't believe in
appropriate ventilation.

A storm raged outside as I waited for the beloved to get
all prettied up. To pass the time, I clicked on the
internet - ottawasun.com - headline - Have you had sex
with this man? It was then that I found out that a former
high school classmate of mine was wanted in a string of
related incidents. What was the nature of these incidents,
you ask? Sex; more specifically, speading the HIV to
various men via anal penatration.

That shit is real.

Naturally, I was quite shocked. But that emotion was more
fleeting than Nicole and Val's palate of manners. Err.
Almost immediately I was overcome with a sense of
excitment. Amazing, someone I "know" has "commited" crime
on a level worthy of national media exposure! Stories for
the kids! (and by kids, I mean, everyone I know). I think
I was beyond acceptable levels of excitment for a
development of this kind actually. I called a few of my
friends with gleeful enthusiasm, the ones who probably
also knew the guy. Jokes were cracked, laughs were had,
but now I kind of feel poorly about it all.

Eager Beaver was the guy's nickname. How confidence
boosting can that be? He was a noted target of the
bullies; perhaps some of what I witnessed in school were
contributing factors? Maybe it was more of a home-based,
parental issue? Fetal alcoholism perhaps? Whatever the
case, Steve's life is fucked now. He might, in fact, be as
scummy as the reports suggest, but there is a particularly
adverse stigma attached to public claims/noted actions
like this, and it's branded to your forehead for life.

It will be difficult for him to remain postive. HIV

And I shared a joint with him one time! ARrrghhhhhh... AIDS

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