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2010-05-12 03:56:08 (UTC)

Week Six

You must work on your posture. Today it will be your
primary focus. You must stop slouching and remember to
stand and sit up straight. When you are seated, you must
keep your stomach in and your shoulders back. You should
not let your back touch the back of the chair. Throughout
work today, you must keep track of the number of times you
find yourself slouching or resting on the back of your
chair. Keep close track of these infractions because you
will be caned for them next time we get together. When you
get home this evening you will continue to work on your
posture. You will spend one full hour standing naked in
front of your mirror. You will stand in your highest
heels, with your legs spread wide, hands behind your back,
and balancing a book on your head. Keep track of the
number of times the book falls off your head because you
will be caned for that as well. Remember to focus on your
posture. Next, you will spend one full hour seated in a
bridge chair in front of your mirror. Keep your hands
behind your back and keep your back off the back of the
chair. Keep your legs spread wide so your pussy is open
and accessible. Look at yourself in the mirror for this
hour. Keep your stomach in and shoulders back. How do you
look? Does your good posture make your look like a lady?
Or does the fact that you are naked with your pussy on
display reveal how much of a whore you are?

Today you will work on writing and speaking properly. You
are no longer allowed to use abbreviations when writing or
slang when talking. You can only speak and write in
complete sentences using the proper words. Say and
write “hello” instead of “hey” or “hi”; “thank you” instead
of “thanx”; “yes” instead of “yeah”; “goodbye” instead
of “see ya”; and so forth. You must send me at least five
emails and texts during the day so I can review them for
correct word usage and grammar. You will keep track of
each time you find yourself using slang or abbreviations
today, because you will be paddled for them at a later
time. Tonight at home you will sit on a chair at a table
and write the following sentence, “I must write and speak
properly so that I do not sound like an ignorant whore.”
You will write it accurately and neatly 1,000 times. If
you mess up at all, you must throw out the entire page.
Continue until you have 1,000 perfect lines. Remember to
demonstrate good posture while seated.

Humility is the lesson for today. You must remember your
lowly place as a slave, even while at work. First, you may
not use the bathroom today without getting my permission.
Like a child you must ask to go potty and if you are not
granted permission, you will just have to hold it. How
does that make you feel? A little embarrassed? Second,
three times during the day you will sit and write, “I am a
worthless pig-slut.” You will write it until it fills an
entire notebook page. As usual, you must write it neatly
and throw out the page if you make a single mistake.
Third, during your lunch break you will close the door to
your office and kneel on the floor. From this position you
will call my voicemail. You will remain on your knees in
your office while telling me how pathetic you are. The
message must be at least two full minutes long. You will
then remain on your knees with your hands on your head in
the middle of your office for the next 15 minutes. Think
about how absurd you look. What would your colleagues
think if they walked in and saw you?
When you get home tonight your lesson in humility will
continue. You will remain naked on your hands and knees
all night; you may not stand or sit. If you have to stand
for any reason, you will immediately email and confess it
to me so you can be punished later. You will eat dinner
off the kitchen floor like a dog. You can only drink from
the toilet bowl, which you are free to scrub with a
toothbrush first. You will spend one full hour kneeling in
a corner like a naughty little girl. You will then spend
another hour pushing an egg back and forth across your
living room floor, using only your nose. During this time,
think about how ridiculous you look. Think about how you
are willingly humiliating yourself even though no one is
bothering to watch. How does that make you feel? You are
not worthy of sleeping in a bed tonight, so enjoy the

Pain is the name of the game today. You must learn to
accept constant pain as a part of your daily life. As soon
as you get up this morning, you will attach your tight and
painful clover clamps to your nipples. Wear them during
your entire morning routine including showering and eating
breakfast. By the time you leave for work, your nipples
should be very sore. You will insert a large butt plug
into your ass and leave it there all day. You will also
tie some very tight rope around your waist, down between
your ass cheeks, and up through your pussy lips. It should
be very tight around your waist so that it causes immediate
discomfort and eventual pain, same with the crotch rope.
You will have to endure the bondage under your clothes all
day today at work with no release. It will become very
painful as the day goes on. Email me during lunch and
before you leave for the day and describe how the bondage
and plug feel. Are they making it hard to concentrate on
your work? Are you aroused by it? Are you wondering if
the people around you can tell your dirty secret?
When you get home you must immediately strip, but you may
not remove the rope or plug. You will continue to suffer
them until it is time for bed. Reattach your clover clamps
to your nipples. You will wear the clamps for 30 minutes,
and then remove them for 30 minutes. Keep them on and off
every half hour so the pain in your nipples grows as the
night goes on. Finally, before you go to bed you will give
yourself a full body spanking. Use your wooden hairbrush
to paddle your ass, pussy, stomach, thighs, palms, and
tits. Do it hard so that each area is red and throbbing.
Only then can you remove your rope bondage and plug. Email
me and tell me how you feel. Did you hurt yourself enough
to bring you to tears? Are you feeling sorry for
yourself? Does it make you feel worthless that you are
torturing yourself and there is no one to see it? Do you
enjoy going to sleep with every tender area of your body in
such pain?

Let’s call today fasting Friday. You are not allowed to
eat anything. You are too fat for my liking and today you
will go hungry as a reminder to start dieting and
exercising. You will remember at all times today that you
are a fat pig-slut. Oink out loud while driving to and
from work. Instead of eating, you will spend your lunch
break sitting in your office oinking like a pig and doing
nothing else. How does that make you feel? An entire hour
doing nothing but oinking? Tonight at home you will
continue your fast. You will spend all evening wearing
your rubber pig nose and nothing else. You are also not
allowed to watch television, listen to music, or surf the
web. You will spend two long boring hours on your hands
and knees in front of your mirror oinking like a pig. Two
hours, naked, wearing your pig nose and oinking aloud,
stomach probably growling. How does that make you feel?
Do you like how pig-like you look? Are you starting to
realize what a pig you truly are? Email me when you are
done and convince me. Sleep with your pig nose on.

Hungry, pig-slut? Think you have earned the right to eat?
Make yourself a fruit salad for breakfast. But before you
can eat it, you must put the bowl on the floor, squat over
it, and piss on it. Then you can eat the fruit flavored
with your own urine. Remember your lesson in humility?
Eat it up and drink whatever is leftover in the bottom of
the bowl.
Next is some much needed excise. Get on your treadmill
naked and start running. First attach your clover clamps
to your nipples. Do a full 30 minutes running as hard as
you can. The motion of your running will cause the clamps
to pull your nipples and will hurt a lot. Suffer through
Finally, get ready to come over here and accept all the
punishments you have earned this week. Wear your butt plug
and pig nose as you drive over. Bring all your writing
assignments. Be ready to demonstrate all that you have
learned this week or be ready to suffer additional