Experienced Life
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2010-05-11 18:49:33 (UTC)

Finally got my TV back up

Lamp went out on my hdtv. Finally got it in yesterday.
Aaaahhhh..... I now have something to look at besides my

Ex and I spoke. She wants to come back. What a dumb ass.
She's the one that left in the first place to her stay at
her bf house or should I say their house that they bought
together. She really needs to see a doctor. Something is
seriously wrong with her. Common sense, decency, morals,
self worth all seems to be just a little mixed up in her head.

I gotta stay away from that. It's hard because she is
physically very beautiful and all but I've been seeing a lot
clearer since they've left.

People at work is getting word that things are almost final
with my divorce. Getting some extra smiles and more
conversations that I never used to have. It's nice to
experience this because it makes me feel a little normal
again. I won't go fucking the first cutest one or anything
like that but it's sure nice to be appreciated.

I cleaned the house a little more. I know I'm going into
foreclosure but I don't care. I like to come home to a clean
place. It helps keep my positive and not too depressed about
being alone.

I did text the ex that I don't want her to call or text me
anymore. I'm sure that won't fly long but my b-berry is in
service anyway so I won't have it for a few days. haha. I
bet ex is texting me like a maniac right now.

Well, it's time for dinner. That's all I have for now diary.

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