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2010-05-11 18:32:17 (UTC)

Story Of How I Met My Hubby... Year one

So i met my Hubby, Jeremy at Warped Tour almost 4 years
ago. He lived in the city of Chicago, where we live
today. I drove him home along with 3 other of my
friends. We saw each other almost everyday sense then and
i even skipped College classes for him. The first year we
going ok and everything until 3 months after i met him i
got pregnant with our first child... her name is Skylar
Marie and now she will be 3 years old at the end of the
year. During my Pregnancy Jeremy moved in with me and my
parents and my dad even got him a job. Then Jeremy being
a dumbass he video taped us having sex with his phone and
showed to one guy he worked with and my dad found out and
kicked him out of the house. My dad hated hime ever sense
that day. Im so sick of everyone hateing each other i
cant take it any more. My dad didnt even want Jeremy
there when our daughter was born.. now thats low. I loved
Jeremy so much back then... but now i dont think i love as
much as i did... we argue all the time and Jeremy cant
keep a job. We cant even save money because im not aloud
to have money for some reason. if anybody is reading this,
i really need some help.. i'll write some more later...
bye diary

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