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2010-05-09 04:20:20 (UTC)


he is awesome!!!! i just love the way that he holds me
around my waist from behind, the way that he stares into
my eyes from under his brown hair, the
way he sometimes flicks from my eyes to my lips when we r
alone, the way he breathes deeply against my neck when he
hugs me. the things that i love the most about him are:
the way he is so easy to talk to, the way he holds me and
definatly his smile! just overall I LOVE HIM!!!

we dont go out yet but he told me that he likes me. omg i
want to go
out with him sooo badly!!! wen i c
him at school he just makes me so happy!!! he
runs up to c me in the morning as i approach our hang out
spot for our group. he makes me smile as he wraps his arms
around me, i rest my head on his shoulder. he makes me
more happy then i have ever been with a guy!!! i cant wait
for monday, i get to c him again!

we have been meaning to kiss / hook up for ages but every
lunch and before school and intervil, someone
interupts us or we have to go to class.
i needed to get this
out some how cus i was going to go into mental breakdown
or something if i didnt. yea i hav to go now cus well
thats basically all that needs to b said, strait from my

Georgia xoxoxo

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