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2010-05-08 13:19:53 (UTC)

Dating,Relationships, and Games

Well I have been divorced and single going on two years in
December. It can be difficult for many to adjust to being
single again, but as time progresses, the lonliness will
away slowly. I am so glad that I did not rush into a
relationship as I used to do, which is a dumb ass mistake
that anyone can make. You have to give yourself time to
heal after the fact, realize some of the mistakes you made
with the person you were with, and you have to grow as
person to set your standards higher each time. With all that
being said, sometimes I hate dating and I feel like I do not
wanna do it anymore. (Hair puller) The whole dating thing
between men and women are different, the expectations
are different and how the field is played is done different
between both sexes. One of the issues that I have when
dating is that some guys do not believe in dating one person
at a time. I believe that is insecurity because they wanna
feel secure by having many others just in case one female
trips out. What happened to taking your time and seeing
what the person is about and if they are not for you, then
move on. The second thing about dating that irks my ass is
that some men love to say,"i am not ready, looking, or do
relationshipsRed alert....these are the types male/female
that you run from....it is game,game,game The third thing
that I do nor like is a guy with too many female friends .I am
not trying to be a number and I do not wana be at the bottom
of the numbers.....#1 or not one at all. I am not gonna settle
for the bs..simple as that. Then what is so funny is that
these dudes have the audacity to want a female to prove
themselves to them, for what? I have lowered my standards
enough, its time for me to continue to take care of me.forget
helping a man, they should help the women. So on to my
next diary entry...Jamar, Deshaun, Dan, Allen, William,
Clark, and etc's.

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